Mark Our Love

We Imagine, We Believe, We Achieve

Poverty is not being without money, but being without hope. Thousands of people around Sri Lanka are fighting to live their life, even though they don’t have a hope. Specially with covid-19 pandemic, thousands of people lost their jobs and facing numerous problems with supplying foods to their families. Hence “Mark Our Love” is a project which has been designed to spread our love will supporting the needy families as we believe love can be expressed through food.


Helped People

Every Life Matters

An Opportunity to Share the Love

When there is nothing to eat it means there is no hope, no happy and nothing. But if there is a human being, there is a chance for kindness. With covid-19 pandemic, struggle for food has now become a burning issue. Therefore this is the time to show the world that we are human beings. “Mark Our Love” is a project hosted by “Volunteer Forum” to give the support for the people those who are struggling for food. We try and do our best to spread our love and make a smile in every face.